Development News

High Street Entrance Improvements

Rockspring, the owners of Green Lanes Shopping Centre, have developed design proposals for the improvement of the centre’s lower High Street entrance and works have started on site.

The proposals include removing a large section of the 1980s building fronting the High Street in order to create a successful connection to the centre’s internal environment and a new modern entrance. The entrance experience will be further enhanced by increasing the height of the internal mall adjacent to the entrance doors through the removal of the first floor slab over the mall. This will extend the airy feeling present in the higher portions of the malls and help to visually connect the shopping centre with the external environment of the town centre.

The new entrance will serve as a marker of the quality of shopping in Barnstaple. In conjunction with the works Green Lanes will also gain a new logo to reflect its unique character, style and the refreshed image of the shopping centre.

The proposals have been developed to retain and enhance Barnstaple’s historic fabric and character. The removal of the 1980s styled building on the corner opens the views of this historic fabric and provides the fantastic opportunity to create a contemporary entrance for the centre and a high quality public space for the town. This public space will receive new paving to tie into the existing paving finishes of the town centre and lay out an inviting entry space for the shopping centre.

The increase in public realm at the junction of Joy Street and the High Street creates a lively environment and is the perfect location for the addition of a new cafe to the corner unit. The buzz and activity of the cafe will spill out and benefit Joy Street as well.