Green Lanes Sponsors Dogs Helping Kids

DHK's Learn To Speak Dog campaign

The Campaign

DHK's 'Learn to Speak Dog' Campaign is to encourage more children and adults to understand their dogs, especially their body language and calming signals, and from this know exactly what their dog is trying to say to them and how they are feeling. In turn we hope that this will help in a small way to help decrease dog bites to children.

Learn To Speak Dog

Why the campaign?

DHK's 'Learn to Speak Dog' Campaign is to encourage more children and adults to understand their dogs, especially their body language and calming signals, and from this know exactly what their dog is trying to say to them and how they are feeling. In turn we hope that this will help in a small way to help decrease dog bites to children.

Why now - 2016?

Dogs Helping Kids has been providing interactive educational talks to schools and colleges with our Educational School Dogs for almost 15 years now (2016). In these talks we teach children how to approach a dog correctly, how to stroke a dog, how to read a dog's body language, how to be a responsible dog owner, how to prevent a dog bite (inside and outside), kind positive dog training and how to be a dog's best friend. We also provide half day workshops on 'Living in Harmony with the family dog' to all interested parties. This campaign is taking all of these important elements and providing the most salient points in an easy to understand interactive PowerPoint to teach children (and adults) how to understand what their dog is trying to tell them.

What other campaigns are available in this country?

There are loads of excellent campaigns on dog bites already available, being provided by some amazing dog organisations. If you have the time, please do take a look at the following amazing campaigns:-

  • 'Stop the 77' – The Family Dog
  • 'Put the camera down' – Dog Safety Education Executive
  • 'Be a tree' – Doggone Safe
  • 'Be Dog Smart' – The Dogs Trust
  • 'Safe and Sound' – The Kennel Club
Learn To Speak Dog

How are we undertaking this campaign?

With the help of all of our DHK School Dogs we will be providing these interactive talks to all children and teenagers where are dogs are currently working. For those schools or colleges interested in these talk's our highly qualified Educational School Dogs will come to you with their owner and help provide this 30 minute talk to your school or college. We will also be taking this campaign to the media to encourage more children and adults to learn to speak dog and how important it is to understand your best friend more and to help prevent dog bites from happening in the first place.

Join us and become a voice for our dogs – learn how to 'speak dog' and let's help keep both our children and our dogs safe.

Honey Update - Spring Term 2016

by Jane Shannon (Owner)

Spring Term

Another busy term at school, Honey is continuing to enjoy school and spend time with staff and pupils. I call Honey a plodder, lol, because when she puts her coat on ready for school, she seems to just slow everything down; which is great for work because she is so calm and gentle, although when the children doing fun tricks with her, it looks like its in slow motion. Honey is a big fluffy dog and I think she looks like a teddy bear, so she is adored by all.

We have been helping some pupils with their reading and the pupils Honey helps are those who do not enjoy reading aloud to adults but they will happily read to Honey with confidencs and pride. We also work with some pupils on a reward basis, pupils may need to achieve certain goals and they will get a chance to spend time with Honey helping with her training. Most of the time this is a surprise to the pupils due to the fact we would not promise them time with Honey then take it away. Honey’s day can vary depending on my work commitments but she has plenty of down time and we always spend an hour walking along the Tarka Trail at lunch. She has two Jack Russell friends that we see everytime we go out and they have a fab time running around and playing.

Spring Term

Honey is a working dog but she is firstly a member of our family. Honey loves to play and chase our other dogs. We love walking and visiting lots of places but Dartmoor has a special place in my heart as that’s where I grew up, so whenever we can, we take a drive and the dogs love it. She is a regular visitor to the Dartmoor prison museum and the church. When we are not in school we still continue training and thinking of new fun tricks we can try; not all work so, yes, I give in and think of something else. Honey has also just celebrated her third Birthday but I'm convinced she still thinks she is three months.

Honey Update - May / June / July 2015

by Jane Shannon (Owner)

Well the last term is always the busiest at school, so much going on. Year 2 and Year 6 sats tests, so many day trips and end of year celebrations. For the staff it’s an emotional term with the Year 6 pupils finishing, most of us have worked along side them since they started school aged 4. Honey has formed some wonderful friendships with the children and has worked closely with a few too.


Honey continues to come into school with me and always enjoys her time at school. Her days are very relaxed and she has lots of rest time. We spend our days doing short sessions with pupils and Honey is always happy to help. We usually do one reading session, which for us is good as its helping Honey with her continued training and also helping the pupils with their reading too.

Educating the pupils about how to approach a dog, or when not to, is a major part of my role when talking to the children. Again, Honey can help with this as I can show them what to do and how to do it.

With the weather a little warmer, the pupils can spend a lot more time playing on the field and PE lessons can take place there too. I love going out to watch the pupils playing rounders and so does Honey; balls are her favourite toy to play with but she just lays and watches them all play, which again is fab for her training.


The end of school and the last week of July, my husband, Honey and I spent a few days on Dartmoor, a well deserved break for us. well if you can call lots of walking a break anyway. Honey loved it, it was so relaxing and it was so lovely to see Honey running around and just relaxing after a busy term.

When Honey and I are not in school, I still continue her training. At home just five or ten minutes a couple of times a day. We also go on lots of different walks to many different places, and again, always making sure I am keeping up with her training in the different surroundings.


Here at Green Lanes Shopping Centre, we love getting involved with our local community and giving a little something back. Therefore, we are thrilled to announce that we are now official sponsors of educational charity, Dogs Helping Kids.

Dogs Helping Kids (DHK) is a unique charity carrying out pioneering work integrating dogs in schools, as both educational and therapeutic aids. With over 20 years of hard work behind them, they want to ensure dogs working in schools are a standard set across the UK as well as gain backing from the government. We are thrilled to be working with Dogs Helping Kids and supporting them in achieving their vision.


DHK dogs are trained to work in four different roles within the educational environment:

  • Classroom Canines help to motivate and encourage children during lesson time
  • Listening Canines work with children on a one-to-one basis helping their reading by providing unconditional acceptance and love
  • Reward Canines spend time playing with children and teach them about training and grooming
  • Therapy Canines help care for children who have been bullied, abused, have emotional issues or even those scared of dogs

Green Lanes is supporting local school, Southmead Primary in Braunton, which was the first school to bring a DHK pup into classrooms with Honey the Goldendoodle!


Honey is now 18 months old and has gradually been introduced to the school spending time walking and getting familiar with her surroundings. She is training to become an Attending School Dog, and once she is certified she will be able to work in all four roles of a DHK school dog.

As Honey's training progresses, the children are beginning to help to train her too. Honey has already become a wonderful and well-loved team member, brining happiness and joy to both staff and pupils.

For more information on Dogs Helping Kids visit their website and watch this space for updates on Honey's progress.