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Coastal Car Valeting

At Coastal Car Valeting - we use a special “waterless car wash” technique which is sprayed on the paintwork, lifts the dirt from the surface which is remove with a soft cloth. By not using any water to wash your car, we can save gallons of water a week, reducing water consumption and help to tackle climate change. To make things really easy we’ve kept the options simple.

Option 1 = £10.00

Waterless car wash - Body finish- Wheel wash - Tyre Dressing

Option 2  = £15.00 

Includes all of option one plus - Glass Polish - Body wax - Body Polish - Cleaning the door shuts

Option 3  = £25.00

includes everything in options one and two plus - Dashboard clean and dressing - Vacuum footwells - Vacuum Carpets - Interior -  glass clean - Floor mat clean - Air freshener

When you enter the Green Lanes shopping centre car park in Barnstaple, take a ticket and drive straight ahead to the designated valeting area on level one. Lock your car and bring your keys to the Kiosk, where one of our team will help you choose the best option for your car and take payment Then you can carry on and enjoy the Green Lanes shopping experience while we clean your car When you have finished return to the Kiosk, collect your keys and drive away in a lovely clean car